March 26, 2015
2015 Volume-1 Issued-1

The inaugural edition of the JASS comes to you with a wide collection of in-depth knowledge though articles including, "Determinants of Social/Educational Stratification" by Allan C. Ornstein, "A Comparison of Mathematics Assessment in Australian and Chinese Primary Schools: Different or Similar?" by Dacheng Zhao, "Towards Seeding a Sino-Australian Education Cluster" by Peter Collin Hill, "Multilingualism, […]

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June 26, 2015
2015 Volume-1 Issued-2

The second publication of the journal comes with many new articles covering many titles in many fields including Human Capital, Innovation and Technology, National Culture Protection and Safety Strategy of the Developing Countries Under the Background of Internationalization of Education: the Ghanaian Perspective, Bibliometric Analysis of the Nursing Literature: A Study at Sri Venkateswara Institute […]

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December 26, 2019
2019 Volume-5 Issued-4

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Human Harmony: A Fresh Perspective, a New Approach by Sudipta Das, Prevalence of Omphalitis in New Born: A Retrospective Study in St. Gregory Hospital, Budunburam, Ghana by Agunwa Blessing Ifunanya,  Promotion and Utilization of Plantation Grown Timber Species in Ghana: The Kiln […]

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March 26, 2020
2020 Volume-6 Issued-1

This issue of JASS comes with a range of attractive and innovative research articles covering a wide range and a variety of disciplines that have been conducted by enthusiastic researchers in the Australian and Chinese territories and even further beyond. In the quest of linking the East and the West in scientific knowledge and new […]

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September 26, 2020
2020 Volume-6 Issued-3

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Effective ESL Teaching Using Culturally Relevant Materials by Weili Xu & Ross Colguhoun, Fostering Intercultural Competence in College Language Classrooms by Zhou Weijie, A Study on Cultivation of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Ability of Business English Majors by Xiao Tielei & Zhong […]

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December 26, 2020
2020 Volume-6 Issued-4

The purpose of this paper is to explain the essential principles and requirements for writing a good academic paper. As an editor of the Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies, based on his own experience of writing, teaching, and editing academic papers, the author suggested that an academic paper is basically an argument that tries to persuade […]

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