2020 Volume-6 Issued-3

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Effective ESL Teaching Using Culturally Relevant Materials by Weili Xu & Ross Colguhoun, Fostering Intercultural Competence in College Language Classrooms by Zhou Weijie, A Study on Cultivation of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Ability of Business English Majors by Xiao Tielei & Zhong Wen An Empirical Study on Integrity Cultivation in College English Courses by Liu Suli, Analysis of Internet Buzzword “Niang Pao”: An Etymological Study by Xu Siyu, Studying on the Integration of the Chinese Traditional Festival Culture and the College English Course by Luo Chen, Combining the Internet and Case Analysis in the Teaching of Pathophysiology for Medical Majors by Piao Yingshi, Teachers’ Perceptions of the Factors Contributing to Underperformance of Rural Chinese Students; A Phenomenological Study by Hanrui Zhang, Research on Medical Students’ Academic Development and Career Planning by Ren Xiangshan & Piao Yingshi, Analyzing the Marketing Mix Strategy of the Sandvik Company in the China Market by Qingrui Meng, Wanfen Guo & Peng Shen, The link between Chinese Traditional Family Rules and Article 1043 (1) of the Civil Code by Chen Li, Perspective of the Current Situation of the One-Village-One-Legal-Advisor System: A Case Study by Yang Yang & Li Xiliang, A Review on Data-driven online Water Diagnosis Methods for Vehicle-mounted Fuel Cells by Cai Jun & Xia Zenggang, A Non-Dualistic View on Second Quantization by Luo Yingjie, Wu Shaoyi, Fan Yimei & Liu Xusheng, Effects of Matrine on Apoptosis and Autophagy in Gastric Cancer MGC-803 Cells Zhang Yingying, Jiao Lu & Wang Ying et. al.


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