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Who We Are

The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies, which is also known as the JASS is an academic journal that is open to all to access and to submit their research papers representing many disciplines in Academia covering not only Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Finance, Geography, Globalization, and Internationalization Studies, History, International Peace Studies, Law and Legal Studies, Languages and Literature, Management, Medical Science and Nursing, Media Studies, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Sinology, and Urbanology, but many other fields as well. The JASS is focused on making the bridge between the research community between China and Australia and linking them to widen their knowledge in their respective work areas.
The ground stone of the JASS was laid along with the start we took as a journal in 2015. It is the outcome of the vision of many experts of the collaborative collective of veteran researchers, formed in the name of Sino-Aussie Unique Collaborative Centre for Educational Studies and Services, or also known as the SUCCESS, which the vision was to create the platform to access and share the knowledge between motivated researchers in China and Australia.
In the endeavor to bridging the East and West in knowledge with the pure vision of "Building a Global Academic Bridge", we are working towards integrating local issues and global issues to take on global challenges and keep up with the ever-changing world. Our key goal is to contribute to world progress and the realization of peace and happiness for all humanity.

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The Mission

Filling the gaps in knowledge among the scientific communities in Aussie-Sino regions through linking them through a Global Academic Bridge to share knowledge, communicate and collaborate with each other, helping them publish their research papers and provide open access to refer to them. What we aim is to contribute to the global progress of development through knowledge.


The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies is a platform open for everyone to access and refer to. It features the publications of research papers of dedicated researches from the Aussie and Sino regions.


All the research papers submitted to us are peer-reviewed by the professional scholars we have at the Sino-Aussie Unique Collaborative Centre for Educational Studies and Services before they proceed to publication.


The primary goal through JASS is to build a bridge between the East and the West, filling the gaps by linking them to share knowledge, be inspired, and let them collaborate with other researchers out there.


The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies is open for research papers of all disciplines of Academia. All the researchers who dedicate to perform something new and contribute to Academia are welcome.

The Effect

The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies or JASS has been on a journey filled with success thus far contributing to the world and its development with scientific knowledge and building the link between the enthusiastic and dedicated researches from the Chinese are Australian territories to refer to publications, be inspired and to share the work they have done through research papers that will be published on our quarterly journal through a thoroughly performed peer-review process. It also facilitates them to communicate with other researchers out there and engage and collaborate in the work of their respective disciplines. Over the course of the JASS, it has made close to a thousand publications in various fields covering All the fields in Science, Economics, Arts, Geography, and many other disciplines. All the publications by JASS are abstracted and indexed by the National Library of Australia, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Google Scholar, et al. You can access all the research papers right here and at http://assuws.cbpt.cnki.net.
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