2015 Volume-1 Issued-4

The fourth issue of the JASS comes to you consisting of many great articles on various disciplines including The Business of Stereotyping People:The Contemporary Chinese Perception of the Jewish People and the Official Attempt of Bringing Jewish Money to Harbin by Professor Dan Ben-Canaan, Ming-bian Thinking Trend and Conceptual Thinking by Jiang Liqin, On the Split Personalities of the Main Characters in the Picture of Dorian Gray by Peng Zhongzhe, Current Situation and Strategy of Cooperative Development of Producer Service Industry between Shenzhen and Hongkong by Li Zhirui, and Zeng Haiying, On Improving Strategy of Urban Cultural Soft Power - taking Yiyang, Hunan as an example by Mo Xiaobin, and Wen Dashan, Higher Education Internationalization from the Perspective of Urban Culture Space: Exploring New Methods for the Research on and Practice of the Higher Education Internationalization by Hu Liangcai, The Status Quo of College Students’ Social Responsibility Sense in 7 Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province by Wei Jinping, Yang Yi, Liu Zeya, The Professional Competency Evaluation of Graduate Supervisors and Its Improvement Strategy:Based on the Perspective of "Virtual Research Team (VRT)" by Lu Jie, and Zhang Linrong, A New View on the Developmental Strategy of the College Culture by Li Gaojun, Exploration and Practice of PBL Online Teaching Mode Reform of Long-distance and Open Education by Wang Ning, Parataxis and Hypotaxis in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: A Linguistic Comparative Analysis of the English, Italian and Spanish Versions by Mariangela Coppolell, Thoughts of Teaching Translation Courses under the Background of Globalization by Liu Xiaohui, and Yin Yulan, Information System for Sustainable Forest Management by Kedar Kilanbu, Market Structure Analysis on Ningxia Dairy Processing Industry by Qiang Yi, Digital Inequalities for Businesses: from Conceptual Extension to a New Managerial Tool by Anis BACHTA, Detection System for the Cadmium Ion Concentration Based on the Android Platform by Liu Zheng, Liang Jiajie, Tang Yong, and Zheng Liming, Daily Rhythms of oxygen consumption in freshwater crab,“Barytelphusa jucequemontii” & Prawn, “Macrobrachium lamerrl” by Sudha Bansode, and Meena Patil, An analysis of Influence Factors of Intracranial Infection in Patients With Meningioma Recurrence After Reoperation by Xu Xuchang.



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