2015 Volume-1 Issued-3

The third publication comes to you with a range of great articles on Innovation, Human Capital, and Inequality by Allan C. Ornstein, Mother’s Day: Coming to Terms with the Cruelty of Parkinson’s by J. Conrad Guest, Edna’s Identity Evolution in the Awakening by Wen Qiaoping, and John Wesley and Christian Leadership: Implications for the Ghanaian Church by Iddrissu Adam Shaibu, On Ethical Guidance of Online Hot Words on Net-Mediated Public Sentiment by Hu Qingqing, Examining the Effect of Taxes on Economic Growth: Evidence from Ghana by Isaac Kwadwo Anim, Daniel Agyapong, and Kwamena Minta Nyarku, Zhuzhou Urban Living Environment of the International Strategy by Jiang Difei, and Huang Chunhua, The Divergence of the Chinese Football Culture from the Perspective of Game Theory by Li Pengcheng, and Wang Yan, Computer Assisted Language Learning: Esp Learners Attitude in Vocabulary Empowerment by Ali Morshedi Tonekaboni, Maedeh Latifi, and Fatemeh Abedini, The Cultivation of the Undergraduates’ Soft Skills by Xu Xijun, and Li Na, The Impact of Class Attendance on Final Examination Scores of Yemeni EFL Student Teachers by Mohammad Abdu Ahmad Al-Mekhlafi, Studies on the Thought of Education Modernization of Liang Qichao by Hu Huilan, On Cai Yuanpei’s Physical Education Ideology by Gao Xiong, An Examination of the Gender Disparities in Education: A Case of SSSCE Results by Mireku Dora Animwaa, and Christopher A. Okpoti, A Simulation on Welding Feed Table Base on NUC Control Algorithm by Wang Qi, Does Lunar Cycle Affect on Egg Hatching and Moulting Frequency in Freshwater Crab, Barytelphusa Jucequemontii by Sudha Bansode.

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