2016 Volume-2 Issued-2

The second issue of 2016 comes with great articles including Relating Agro-Ecology to Social Resilience of Rural Smallholder Farmers by Rose Anarfiwaah Oppong, and Michael Addaney, Obligation to Posterity and African Environmental Intuitionism by Otto Dennis, Ph.D, Why is the low-carbon leisure life possible? by Chen Changli, A Study On Cognitive Experiential State And Its Impact On Outcome Behaviour In E- Retailing In India, Ebenezer Paul Rajan.T.Y, and Dr.A.Varadaraj, The Comparison of Phrases with the Word “Hao” between Chinese and English Language by Chen Jianwen, “Happy Life” in Postmodern Consumer Society:A Thematic Study on Cheever’s Short Stories from a Baudrillardian Dimension by Guo Wei, China’s Economic Image Construction: A Content Analysis of News Coverage in Wall Street Journal (2009-2013) by Lei Xiaoyanm, Zhang Kun, A Comparative Study on Chinese and Western Architectural Culture From the Perspective of University Humanistic Education by Li Gaojun, A Comparison Between Li Renlao and Tao Yuanming’s Personality Spirit:Based on Returning Home by Sun Yaoqing, and Wang Xiaoxuan, Textual Research on the Relationship Between Governor of Denglai and Governor of Shandong in the Ming Dynasty by Tang Baicheng, Li Jinfei 51 Is ‘Framing’ Important? Illustrate Framing in News Coverage of Social Issues by Wei Wei, Quality Teaching: Different Teacher Beliefs in Classroom Engagement by Hu Zhixing, When the Family is at Risk, Where is Societal Cohesion? by Jim Ijenwa Unah, On Application of BIM to the Project of Comprehensive Improvement in the Demonstration Part of Luohe River and its River System by Fu Xiangcai Yang Xiangui Qinlin Cui Xiaolei, On Double-front-axle Linkage Suspension Dynamics Simulation of a Truck by Shen Jian Chen Yuxiang, Limited Proteolysis: Evaluating the Degree of Hydrolysis of Protein Hydrolysates from Vigna subterranea `and Cajanus cajan by Amponsah A S Kumasi-Ghana Ofosu I W .

DOWNLOAD https://assuws.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Aussie-SinoStudies(Volume2Issue2)_compressed.pdf

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