2018 Volume-4 Issued-2

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Misconceptions about the Cultivation of Communicative Competence in College English Teaching in China by Xia Yu, Register Analysis for Translation Assessment: Compare Different Translation Versions of Animal Farm by Mingze Li, Textual Research on the Real Author of Man Jiang Hong by Shanshan Liu,  How Chinese Primary School Students Learn Mathematics: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experiment Primary School by Lihua Chen & Xiaosong Wang & Huijun Xing & Fang Ni & Dacheng Zhao & Tiedao Zhang, A Comparative Study on the Current Situation of Physical Education between China and Australia by Yun Wang, Exploration of Mixture between Neural Network and Stock Market by Yixin Chen & Ran Yan, Intellectual Capital Transformation of Fusion Depth of Research Reviewed by Ran Li & Zhang XiaoHong, Study of Capabilities Requirements of Agri-tech Transfer Workers in China: Human Resources Perspective by Xingxing Zhou & Guoping Zeng & Jianfeng Liu & Yan Yin & Jianxiong Li, Application Effect of Fine Management Mode in Hospital Medical Record Management by Xiaocao Yang, Villagers Differentiation, Elite Selection and Good Governance of Village: Case Analyse on Village Governance in Zhejiang, China by Bin Chen, The Business Accounting and Comparison of the Forest Social Benefits by Yuxiong Zhang, Nursing Research Progress of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Respiratory Care Unit by Yan Lv, Short Term Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Kun Tai Capsule and Levi AI in Treating Climacteric Syndrome by Yan Han & Liwei Li& Xiurong Yin & Lixia Dong & Yani Yan, Patients With Curative Effect and Survival Analysis of the Real World of Shashen Maidong Decoction in the Treatment of Advanced Non-small Cell lung Cancer Based on by Keshe Zhang, Clinical and Pathological Features, Molecular Typing and Prognosis of Breast Cancer in Young People by Bingbing Yu & Liqun Cao, Analysis of Clinical Effect, Cardiac Function Index and Adverse Events of Levocarnitine Combined with Coenzyme Q10 for Patients with Severe Chronic Heart Failure by Xijun Zhang, Effect of “Arsenious Acid Combined with Retinoic Acid and Chemotherapy for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia on Clinical Effect, Adverse Reaction and Prognosis” by Guoxiong Han, Study on Simulated Evaluation Method of Sealing Characteristics of Micro-cracks in Shale by Jinjun Huang & Yuexin Tian & Xiantao Xie & Min Wang & Chunxia Li.



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