2018 Volume-4 Issued-4

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Taxi Service Quality And Satisfaction Among Commuters In The Accra Metropolitan Area by Ishmael Mensah & Paul Ankomah, Guangxi, China 12,000 Years Heritage of Pottery Two Materials Technique: Chinese-Danish Joint Investigation Team Report on Prehistoric Guangxi Pottery by Chi Ma & Xiangjin Chen & Zhao Dacheng, Analysis of the Transcriptomes of Different Organs of Gekko japonicus Using a de novo transcriptome assembly from RNA-seq data by Xueliang Wang & Heyao Wang & Jin Chen & Yun Fan & Yanqun Xiao & Hualiang Wang, Observation of Clinical Curative Effect of ECMO on ECPR in Adults by Hua Liu & Jialong Guo & Qunxian Zhang & Li Zhang & Bin Liu & Ling Luo & Tao Liu & Jing Wang, Therapeutic Effect Analysis of Combined Use of Somatostatin, Omeprazole and Hemocoagulase in the Treatment of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage by Shuya Ding, The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for Prevention of Cardiovascular Events of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Li Shang, Clinical Nursing Path in the Analysis of Application of Radiation and Chemotherapy Postoperatively in Patients with Esophageal Cancer Care by Ting Fu, Clinical efficacy and comparative analysis of tirofiban combined with urokinase and urokinase alone in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke by Wei Li, Application of Situational Simulated Experiment Teaching Model to Promote Medical Students' Practical Emergency Response Ability by Yanji Xu & Cong Li & Meihua Xu & Zhehu Jin & Xianchun Zhou, Problems and Countermeasures of Cloud Accounting under the Background of Big Data by Li Xu, Practice and Thinking of Teaching Competition of College Teachers Based on Cashier Practice Teaching by Wu Wan a & Guanbing Zhao, Research and Practice on the Pyramidal Training Mode of Entrepreneural Talents by Wu Wan a & Guanbing Zhao, Research on Teaching Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom of Accounting of Financial Enterprises by Wu Wan & Guanbing Zhao, Deng Xiaoping standardizing the "Four Combinations" of inner party political life by Dong Wang & Zhen Zhang, On the Difficulty of Learning Chinese and the Harm of Its Exaggeration by Zongfeng Qiu.



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