2017 Volume-3 Issued-2

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, The Redeployment of the Financial distraught Project by Emmanuel Teitey, Blue Barriers in International Trade: A Perspective from SA8000 and Labour Standards in the TPP by Yu Yanning, The Basic Rules of Judicial Application: Principle of Public Order and Good Social Customs by Yang Dequn, A Comparative Study of democratic thought in the Three Principles of the People, and The Gettysburg Address and Oceana by Ma Liya, Human Harmony: A Fresh Perspective, and a New Approach by Sudipta Das, The Affinity to the People: the Distinctive Feature of Marxist View of Power by Zhou Shi, The Ethical Concern Changes of Caring Ethics: The Caring Ethics for the Children of Migrant Workers in China by Chen Liyu, Review on Ginseng Empire: the Production, Consumption and Medical Treatment of Ginseng of Qing Dynasty: Medical treatment of social history under the perspective of globalization by Song Yonglin, A Study on the Buyer’s Preference Towards Motorcycle With Reference to Classic Motors, and Chennai by dr.a.varadaraj, m.b.a, ph.d, dr.m.s.vijaya rao, m.b.a, ph.d, The Status Quo and Its Development of “the Linkage between the Community, the Social Organization and the Social Worker” by Zhang Jiadong, The practice and prospect of inverse scheduling based on inverse optimization theory by Mou Jianhui, Mu Jiancai, Yin Lvjiang, and Chen Gang, English Infinitive Form of Verb and Chinese Both Subject and Object Construction: Towards a Generative Analysis by Chen Jianwen, On Translation Strategies of Four-Character Structure in Written Vernacular Chinese: Based on Call to Arms by He Xinnian, A Study on the Characteristics of Word Meaning by Zhou Ruiying, and Liu Hongli, Efficacy of the Continued Nursing Mode Applied in Clinical Nursing for 67 Patients with Severe Burns by Chen Yan, Observation on the Effect of Combined Inhalation of Compound Ipratropium Bromide and Budesonide in Treating Infantile Asthmatic Pneumonia by Ma Yuan, Comparison of the Efficacy of Continuous High Volume Hemofiltration and Conventional Volume Hemofiltration in the Treatment of Sepsis Patients With MODS by Song Yongxin, Yan Zhixing, Yuan Jie, and Etc, Evaluation of the Effect of Glucocorticoid Combined With Terbutaline in the Treatment of AECOPD by Zhu Tingting, Lin Qing, and Qiao Shi, Countermeasures on Improving the Teaching Quality of Preventive Medicine in China by Yu Guangyan, The effects of lifestyle guidance on health behavior and prognosis of patients with coronary heart disease by Fan Hua.


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