2017 Volume-3 Issued-1

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Globalization and Chinese immigrants to Eastern European: Focusing on Russia by Nadia Helmy, Comparative Study on Rationale of Senior Secondary Mathematics Curricula Standard in Ethiopia and Australia by Fufa Esayas Meleta, and Weizhong Zhang, An Analysis of the Significance of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement by Yang Liyan, Economic Growth Public Debt and Public Expenditure in India – An Empirical Analysis by Sonia Anand Dhir, Rational Thinking on Equal Rights in China by Zhou Jingcheng, and Hu Changyun, On Cultivation of Ability of Law Undergraduates and Reform of Practical Teaching of Law by Hu Changyun, Innovation Research on English Teaching of Accounting Course and management for Foreign Students in China by Dai Yelin, and Zhang Linrong, Research on the Strategy of Preschool English “Flipped Classroom” Teaching Resource Development in the Era of Big Data by Huang Linlin, and Lin Aichun, Non-language Process in Utterance Communication by Chen Jianwen, Simulation as a method of studying in social sciences: A Case of studying legislation by Dejan Spasic, On the Construction of Students Self-Managed Practice Teaching Management Platform by Liu Qiongling, Li Ying, Zhou Chenhui, Li Hongzan, Huan Juanjuan, Li Xuejie, Luo Anan, and Zheng Sheng-qian, Study on Effect of Extended Care Pattern of Systematic Discharge Instruction on the Post-discharge Stroke Patients by Pu Mengmeng, ZhangChunfang, and Zhou Jinna, MOOCs and Management Education: Modular Teaching Based on COP Theory by Huang Haixin, and Su Jingqin, Network Organization: Connection of the Bureaucratic Organization and the Cooperation Organizations by Zhang Lisheng, A Review of Dunhuang Medical Documents by Tang Wei, Risk Assessment: The Influence of Emotion and Distraction by Wang Dan, The C-E Translation of Poetic Characteristics in Xixiang Ji by Tang Mei, and Jiang Zhengzhi, Semi-supervised Text Classification Research Based on Ant Colony algorithm by Han Yu, Li Meicong, and Dang Hongpeng, H∞ Observer-based controls of nonlinear fractional-order systems with disturbances by Zheng Yiqiang, A New Chosen Ciphertext Secure Certificateless Threshold Decryption Scheme from Pairing by Zhu Jun.


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