Professor Zhang Xihua

Dr. Zhang Xihua is a senior professor of cross-cultural communication and cultural studies at Beijing International Studies University (BISU), and she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Copenhagen in 2019. Currently she is the Director of the Center for Danish Studies (CDS) at BISU, which is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. She is also a member of Advisory Board of College Foreign Language Education of the Chinese Ministry of Education, a member of the International Association for Intercultural Communication (IAIC), and a member of the Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (Asia TEFL). 

Dr Zhang’s research areas are culture studies, cross-culture studies and comparative literature, with the cross-cultural communication studies as her main interest. She initiated the establishment of the Center for Danish Studies at BISU, which is a platform to facilitate dialogue and exchange for Chinese and Danish scholars and students. She was awarded the first prize for higher education research achievements by Beijing Municipal Government, and the Honour Teacher of Beijing by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2018. The following 10 are representative of her recent research publications: 

   1. Zhang, X. H. (2018). Research on Danish Cultural Markets. China Commerce and Trade Press. 

   2. Zhang, X. H. (2018). Clean- Government Building in Denmark. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press. 

   3. Zhang, X. H. (2016). Cultural Theory: The Key Concept. Henan University Press. 

   4. Zhang, X. H. (2020). Studies on Integration of College English and Chinese Culture. The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies, Vol 6 (1).

  5. Zhang, X. H. (2019). Reflections on Contemporary Education with Insights from Grundtvig’s and Tao Xingzhi’s Educational Thoughts. Culture and Convergence, Vol 1. 

  6. Zhang, X. H. (2017). Insights into China’s Sustainable Development from the Zero Carbon Turn in Denmark. Social Sciences Weekly, June 8. 

   7. Zhang, X. H. (2017). Analysis of Education Assessment in Western Sidney University, Beijing Education.

   8. Zhang, X. H. (2016). How did Denmark become a clean Country ? Study and Exploration.

   9. Zhang, X. H. Where are Cultural Studies Turning? Journal of Heilongjiang Social Sciences, No.1.

  10. Zhang, X. H. (2015). Reexamining the Dilemma of Cultural Studies, Journal of Heilongjiang Social Sciences, No.1.

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