Dr Dacheng Zhao

Dr Dacheng Zhao is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies (JASS). He is also the legal representative and the Director of the Sino-Aussie Unique Collaborative Centre for Educational Studies and Services (SUCCESS), which is the publisher of JASS.

Born and bred into a teacher’s family in China, Dr Zhao arrived in Australia in 1997 as a visiting scholar at Macquarie University (MU). He received his PhD in Education at MU in 2004. Currently he is a PhD supervisor at Western Sydney University, and the Principal of Huaxia Chinese School (Penrith) Australia. He was awarded a Distinguish Overseas Professorship in Hunan Province in 2016 and has been invited to be a visiting professor at a number of Chinese universities such as Central South University, South China Normal University, Jilin International Studies University and Hunan University of Arts and Sciences. 

Dr Zhao has published six single authored research books and more than one hundred journal articles in the areas of mathematics education, international and comparative education, language education, teacher education, assessment and evaluation, research education, and cultural studies, among others. With learning, teaching and research backgrounds both in China and Australia, Dr Zhao aims to build a Bridge of Understanding and Collaboration (based on sharing knowledge through JASS) between the East and the West in general and between Australia and China in particular. The following are 10 of his representative publications:

   1. Zhao, D. (2016). Chinese Students’ High Achievement in Mathematics: A comparison of mathematics education in Australian and Chinese primary schools. Springer. 

    2. Zhao, D. (2013). Understanding Chinese Education through a Cross-cultural Lens: A comparative study of Chinese and Western educational culture (in Chinese). Yanbian Education Press.

   3. Zhao, D. & Cole, D.J. (2015). Teaching Chinese language and culture to Australian high school beginners through intercultural language teaching. In D. J. Cole, et al (Eds), Innovative trends in language and literacy education: a global discourse. Pearson Malaysia. 

   4. Zhao, D., Mulligan, J. & Mitchelmore, M. (2006). Case study on mathematics assessment practice in Australian and Chinese primary schools. In K.S. Leung, K.D. Graf and F.J. Loperz-Real (Eds), Mathematics education in different cultural traditions: A comparative study of East Asia and the West. Springer (261-275). 

   5. Zhao, D. (2015). A comparison of mathematics assessment in Australian and Chinese primary schools: Different or similar? The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies, Vol 1(1), 13-19.
   6. Zhao, D. (2012). Being bilingual teacher-researchers: a case study of a research-oriented school-engaged teacher education program. Local Global, Vol 9, 76-92.
   7. Liao, J. & Zhao, D. (2012). Grounded theory approach to beginning teachers' perspectives of communicative language teaching practice. Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, Vol 9 (1), pp. 76-90. 

   8. Zhao, D. (2011). What we learned from a comparison of mathematics assessment in Australian and Chinese primary schools. Journal of Mathematics Education, Vol 4(2), 55-70.

   9. Zhao, D. & Singh, M. (2011). Why do Chinese-Australian students outperform their Australian peers in mathematics? A comparative case study. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, Vol 9(2), 69-87. 

   10. Sawyer, W., Singh, M. & Zhao, D. (2009). Boys' literacy: Negotiating the Territory. English in Australia, Vol 44(3), 19-28.
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