2017 Volume-3 Issued-4

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance under Market Socialism: Empirical Analysis of Listed Companies in China by Wang Le & Liu Qun & Masaharu Hanazaki, Construction and Early Warning of Coal Industry Security Measurement System in China by Gao Hao, Affected Countries Struggle to Resolve North Korea Crisis by Shashi Asthana, Research on Evaluation System for Precision Identification of Students from Low-income Families: Take Zhenjiang City of Jiangsu Province as an Example by Dai Yelin & Wang Jing, Analysis of Deconstruction and Element of Advertising Symbols for Anhua Brick Tea: Based on Comparison of Special Gimmicky Advertisements by Zhang Yuxiong & Tang Yueyue, Which Type of Social Network is More Important for Entrepreneurial Learning: An empirical study on Chinese college students by Chen Yongqing & Wang Jing & Wu Mengyun, Research and Practice on Cultivating Interests in learning: Guidelines to Online and Offline learning to Help OEC Students Cultivate Learning Initiatives by Feng Yun & Ruth Appiah & Huang Honghui & Huang Xiaojia & Xu Xiao & Liu Shizhu, Research on Promotion of Young College Teachers' Competence from Perspective of Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams by Lu Jie & Ge Wenjun & Wu Mengyun, Research on Influence of Group Counseling on College Students' EQ Education: Based on Educational Experiments of local Comprehensive College Students by Wu Mengyun & Cao Jiajia & Ge Wenjun & Lu Jie, The Phenomenon and Resolving Strategy for Academic Procrastination among College Students by Feng Yun & Ruth Nana Esi Appiah & Honghui Huang & Liu Shizhu, On the Cultivation of Scientific Research Thinking for Pathology Postgraduates by Xuan Yanhua, Application of Mind Map in the Course of Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing by Li Hongzan & Li Ying & Liu Qiongling & Zhou Chenhui & Huang Juanjuan, Effect Evaluation of Progressive Rehabilitation Nursing on Cardiac Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronary Stent Implantation by Huang Lili & Hu Guangling & Yang Qiaofang, Li Hongzhang and China Merchants Steamship Bureau by Yu Dingkun, Conservation of Historical and Cultural Towns and Villages in China by Li Yan & Cai Liang & Hu Zhiwen, The Special Function of Red 紅 with symbolism in Li Shangyin’s Poems by Belinda Churchill, The Influence of the Reform of the Trial-centered Litigation System on the Criminal Procedure at the First Instance by Ou Yangjing, Research on Relationship between Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Listed Company: A Review Based on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by Lu Yongwen & Lu Jie & Yang Xiao, Water Pollution Management of the Mekong River by Gao Yun & Dai Wenbin & Zuo Haiying, Study on Anti-wear and Anti-friction Properties of Graphene and T203 Complexity by Guo Junwu, Analysis on Misdiagnosis Reasons of Ultrasonic Elastography in Superficial Soft Tissue Tumors by Wu Wenying & Shi Huaning & Zhao Li & Nie Minghui, Possibility for New Drug Inhibiting Immediate Early Gene of HCMV by Shu Luan, Observation on the Effect of Alprostadil Combined with Dredging Collaterals of Tonifying Qi, Activating Blood and Resolving Sputum in Traditional Chinese Medicine on Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis Occlusive Disease by Wang Mingsong, Experience on Treatment of Intracranial Infection after Ventricular Hemorrhage Treated with External Ventricular Drainage by Zhu Jizi, Research for the Effect of Different Mass Fraction of γ-Al2O3 on the Thermal Stability of Mesoporous Rare-earth Oxides by Guo Junwu & Zhang Dan, Bicluster Analysis for Estimating Missing Values in Gene Expression Data by Zhu Xian & Chen Linlin & Ma Wei & Zhu Jun.



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