2016 Volume-2 Issued-3

The third volume of the 2016 series of the JASS comes with many valuable articles including Indian Ocean as Geo-political Maneuverings Space and Its Consequences on Blue Diplomacy by Hasan Yaser Malik, The Two War Proclamations Written by Luo Binwang were Happened in Xian-heng Years: A Discussion With Professor Zhao Xinyu by Zhao Jijiang, Assessing the Interaction between the Macro Economy and the Mortgage Market: Evidence from Ghana by Johnson Worlanyo Ahiadorme, An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on Stock Price: A Research Based on the Financial and Real Estate Industry Analysis by Guo ning Zou Shaobing, The Development of an Effective Project Contracts through Process Costing Approach in a Corporate Environment by Emmanuel Teitey, Industrial Agglomeration, Economic Efficiency and the Quality of Urbanization: An Estimate Based on Spatial Panel Data of Zhejiang Province by Chen Haisheng Bai Xiaohu Liu Zheng Chen Lingfen, Research on the Influence Factors of Farmland Idleness Based on the Farmers Household feature by  Zhang Ying Pu Chunling Liu Zhiyou Yan Zhiming Liu Wenlong Liu Chao Pan Liping, An Exploration to the Behavioral Control and the Optimal Regulation and Control Pattern in Family System by Chen Rui, On Role Analysis of Rural Intellectuals in Bottom Struggle:Based on Peasant Collective Petition in Chi Zhou, Anhui Province by Liu Chen, The Application of Mini-Course to Periodontology Teaching in Higher Vocational College by Cao Yulin, An Outline on the Value Chain of Moral Education Curricula of Chinese Institutions of Higher Learning: Trinity of Moral Education, Society and Human Beings by Yan Xiaocheng, Quest for Quality Assurance in Teacher Education in India by Harendra Singh, The Four Dimensions of Good Law by Zhang Zhongtao, A Study on Application of Performance Excellence Management Model in Media Enterprise A by Zou Tao, An Exploration to the Different Version of Guang hongmingji by Xin Ruilong, On the Image of Kite in The Kite Runner by Zhong Jian, The Miller’s Tale’s Secrets: Gnostic Reversals in Chaucer’s Take on the Fabliau by Natanela Elias, A Diagnosis Method of Breaking Points in Grounding Grids Based on Co-Simulation of MATLAB and COMSOL by Luan Hui Xu Chang Liu Nannan Liu Xiyang.

DOWNLOAD https://assuws.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Aussie-SinoStudiesVolume2Issue3_compressed.pdf

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