2016 Volume-2 Issued-1

The first JASS issue of 2016 comes to you with Factors Influencing the Development of Social Business Entrepreneurship in a Developing Country by Mohammad Omar Faruk, Nazmul Hassan, and Nazrul Islam, Research on Land-lost Farmers’ Social Security under the Sustainable Livelihoods Model:Based on the Positive Analysis of Henan Province by Li Jufeng, Zhang Xuejun, and Jin Ke, Marx and Engels’ Liquidation and Critique towards Hegel’s Philosophical Thinking Mode by Mei Yanling, and Li Pengcheng, Telangana Armed Struggle and Identity Formations of Bahujans:A Historical Perspective by Chalamalla Venkateshwarlu, Construction of Practical Teaching Mode of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under Work-Integrated Learning Mode by Fan Haiyan, and Lan Guoru, A Study on Attitudes towards Learner Autonomy and Out-of-Class Autonomous Learning Practices of Chinese University Language Students by Fu Li, The Effect of Prediction on Listening Comprehension by Bu Xiaoyan, How Far Can the Demands of Pronunciation and Oral Skills Be Satisfied through Synchronous and Asynchronous Systems by Gao Feng, The Process Teaching of Cultivating Students’ Critical Thinking in the English &American Literature Class by Long Yun, and Zheng Chunxiao, The Relationship between Reading and Metacognitive Development:An Intervention Study on Chinese Native Learners of English by Xue Jin, and Zheng Xiaoyan, A TBLT-Based Empirical Study on the Teaching Modes for the Geography and History Sections in the Course: A Survey of English-Speaking Countries by Kang Xuekun, Playing a Strong Tone of the Times--a Brief Comment of Zou Dezhong’s Calligraphy Art by Jiang Liyu, Zhou Huilin, Study on Protoplast Transformation of Aureobasidium Pullulans by Yu Linyan, Chen Mian, Liu Xia, Liu Fei, and Zhu Xiqiang, Influence of Intervention from Resistive Exercise and Aerobic Exercise on Perimenopausal Women’s Bone Mineral Density by Liu Qiongling, Li Lie, Luo Xueqin, Sun Xiaoyan, Ye Xueying, Liu Xu, and Zhang Xiaoming, Understanding Celestial Connection by Igor Simonov, Decoration of Plum Vases and Aesthetic Orientation of Ming Dynasty by Deng Lubing, Some Considerations on the Development of the Specialty of Arts Management in China in a Pluralistic Era Characterized by Interdisciplinary Fusion by Li Yi, Freedom and Necessity in W. H. Auden’s Poetics by Zhao Yuan, Full-time Equivalent (fte) Students’ Statistics: Computational Challenges and the Way Forward by Prince Asiedu, The Influence of a Peripheral Cue on the Spatial-Numerical Association of Response Codes Effect:An Event-Related Potentials Study by Pan Yun, Liu Yu, Luo Yeshuang, Chen Yan, Luo Yu, and Xu Shuang.

DOWNLOAD https://assuws.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Aussie-SinoStudies(Volume2Issue1)_compressed.pdf

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