2021 Volume-7 Issued-2

In recent years, after the “Egyptian June 30th Revolution” in 2013, and the removal of “Muslim Brotherhood regime”, with the new coming leadership of the President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” who has adopted a new Egypt's strategy, which called “East Orientation to China” in front of the American and Western intervention against the political change in Egypt. Our thesis is attempting to analysis the implications of the Egyptian closeness with China and its initiative for “Belt and Road” on the U.S. and Israeli policies in the Middle East region, focusing on the extent of reflections of the Egyptian new orient to the East on the Egyptian leadership’s political legitimacy at home, analyzing the implications of Egypt’s diversifying its policy and military options from China on the current stance of the USA and Israel towards it, after the new American administration with “Joe Biden”. Additionally, our research is concerning to study the forms of potential collaboration between Egypt and China, such as: “counter-terrorism, combating extremism, Chinese crucial military-technical partner of Cairo as the largest exporter for Egypt, Arms selling, comprehensive partnership… etc.”. In this context, the study seeks to determine the future and potential reflections on the regional balancing between Egypt and Israel and the future impacts on the U.S influence in the Middle East and its competition with China in the region.


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