2018 Volume-4 Issued-1

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Gender Implications of Credit Use on Urban Catfish Production in Lagos State, Nigeria by Funke Iyabo Olagunju, Quantification of Urban Leisure-Time Physical Activity (LTPA) Among University Students in South-West, Nigeria by Ibraheem, T.O & Ajibua, M.A & Dominic, O. L, Discussion on Capital Logic in Marx’s Theory and Its Practical Significance by Jiaxi Wang, An Assessment of Models for Market-oriented Ecological Compensation Mechanism of an Application to the Middle-Yangtze-River Economic Region in China by Lisha Tang & Qingyun He, On the Dimensions of Urban Ecology Research by Weihong Kuang, Low-carbon Leisure Life- the Perfect Trip of Habitat Environment Construction by Liyu Chen, Does Distance and Personal Circumstances of Trip Makers Matter to Mode Choice? Evidence from Urban Ghana by Ernest Agyemang, Research on the Big Data of Tourism Products Based on the Internet by Rui Long, Study on the National Security Review Legislation Related Issues of China’s Foreign Direct Investment by Liyan Yang, On the Execution of Fine Penalty in Germany and Its Enlightenment to China by Tianfa Li & Shuying Chen, Ancient Chinese Thoughts and Contemporary Chinese View of Sovereignty by Yonghong Yang, On the Connotation of Reform Suggestions of Delegating Power Strengthening Regulation and Optimizing Service in the Field of Higher Education in China by Yinɡsen He & Xiaoyan Xu, Analysis of Influential Elements in Autonomous English Study to the Chengnan Independent College of the CUST Backed by the Network Environment by Chunxia Luo, Practice of Mathematics Education in Chinese Primary Schools: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School by Lihua Chen & Xiaosong Wang & Huijun Xing & Fang Ni & Dacheng Zhao & Tiedao Zhang, The Application of Flipped Classroom in Pathology Postgraduates’ Experimental Technology Courses by Yongji Zhang & Yanhua Xuan, Application of Natural Childbirth Clinical nursing pathwayway in Improving the Effect of Obstetric Health Education by Xiaoyan Qi, Reflections on the Honesty and Trustworthiness Education for Undergraduates in Colleges and Universities by Lu Li, Analysis of Risk Factors for Deep Venous Thrombosis in Patients with Advanced Tumor by Shuqin Cao, Value Analysis of Immunohistochemical Method Applied to Detection of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer EML4-ALK Fusion Gene by Bingbing Yu & Liqun Cao, The Nurses’ Cognition and Countermeasures of the Causes of Neurosurgical Nursing Crisis Jing Zhang & Zheng Zhu, Evaluation of the Safety of Laparoscope in Radical Resection for Colorectal Cancer by Zhiqiang Li, Study of Current Situation of Agri-tech Transfer in an Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China by Xingxing Zhou & Jianxiong Li & Jianfeng Liu & Yan Yin & Guoping Zeng.



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