2019 Volume-5 Issued-2

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Work-life Balance and Retention of Bank Employees in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana by Dr. (Mrs) Rebecca Dei Mensah, The Four Schools Affecting American Foreign Policy and the History & Future of Sino-US Relations by Deluo Zheng & Yiping Zheng, A Comparative Study of Negation Structure in Shakespearean English and Present-day (Australian)English by Qiang Li, The relationship between language learning strategies and gender: a study of ESL learners in China by Huanzhang An, A Philosopher on Death: A Study of Initiation Theme in Hamlet by Yihang Qin, The Necessity of Strengthening Ideological Governance in the New Media Era by Liang Zhang, The Feasibility Analysis of American Small and Medium Sized Companies Expanding into Chinese Market: A Case study of the World Art Group by Jiawei Lu, A Critical Discuss about the Management Control System and its Implementation with Top Managers by Ning Yang, Four Major Trends in the Development of Foreign Language Teaching in Chinese Universities since the Reform and Opening-up by Wei Liu, The Measures of Quality Assurance System in Technical Colleges by Xiaojing Hou, On the shaping of hero image in the TV series A Great River by Xiaoju Deng, Pricing Model of Commoditization in Privacy in the Era of Big data by Xiaozheng Liu & Jianyu Cui & Yin Cheng, Teachers’ Professional Development in Newly-Built Universities in West China by Xuhong Wang, Three errors of "Yanxi’s strategy" plot by Yongqing Yi & Xiaoju Deng, Research on Coupling and Coordinating Development of Urbanization Quality and Basic Public Services at Large Regional Scale: Take Shanxi Province as an example by Zefang Li & Fengqun Wei, Research on Rural Tourism Development Path Based on Nostalgia Triggering Elements by Zhanqi Li & Lingyun Huang & Weijun Liao, Discussion on "Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation" of Electric Vehicles from " Social Acceptance" by Xiao Li, Research on the Educational Practice Quality Evaluation System of Biology Normal Universities in Normal Universities by Xiaoyan Xu & Helong Zhang & Yingsen He, Study on Optimizing the Production Conditions of Potato Granules Cake by Orthogonal Method by Lu Li & Hong Liu, Thermal Analysis and Design of the Load Cabin of Near Space Based on Finite Element Method by Chunmin Tian & Min Huang & Lulu Qian & Zhanchao Wang, (g, f)- Factorization (m, r) – Orthogonal To Bipartite Graphs by Guoxiang Gui, Plastic Surgery and Postoperative Survival of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Ye Zhang & Yawen Gao & Zhen Zhang & Huachang Zhang & Jinzhi Liu.



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