2018 Volume-4 Issued-3

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, The Isomorphism between the Subjects of Urban Culture Space and Higher Education Internationalization by Liangcai Hu, Strategic Planning for the Development of Urban Areas Based on an Analysis of Socio-environmental, Risks: the Experience of Designing the Rehabilitation of the River Temernik by Tatiana Anopchenko & Ksenia Boeva & Anton Murzin & Alla Temirkanova, A Preliminary Exploration on Sustainable Strategy of City Development with MICE : A Case Study of the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition & LED Asia by Qianhui Ouyang, City Life and Its Influence on the Relational Development of Young Adults: Perspectives from the Book of Proverbs and the Ghanaian Society by Kojo Okyere,  Urbanization and Informal Land Use in Nigeria, Africa by Musibau Jelili & David Ogunkan, A Decision Support Approach to Land Rezoning/Redevelopment in Sustainable Urban Renewal by Hao Wang, Local University Intellectual Capital Transformation of Fusion Depth of Research by Ran Li & XiaoHong Zhang, On the Construction of Nursing Culture in Higher Education in China from the Perspective of Cultural Soft Power by Qiuyi Yan & Huan Yang, Exploration on the Reform of Histology Experiment Teaching Mode Based on Flipped Classroom by Lihua Piao & Yanhua Xuan, Research on Process Control of Maintenance and Management of Large Medical Equipment by Ning Yang & Ying Tang, Analysis of Brain MRI in Newborn with Different Bilirubin Level by Zhongxing Lu & Fen Wang & Xiaodong Sun & Yuan Gu & Qianqian Wang, Changes and Clinical Significance of Blood Electrolytes in 203 Children with Febrile Convulsion by Fen Wang & Yueqin Gu, Teaching reform of Engineering Drawing Course Based on Innovation Competition by Jing Liu, How Chinese Primary School Teachers Teach Mathematics: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experiment Primary School by Lihua Chen & Xiaosong Wang & Huijun Xing & Fang Ni & Dacheng Zhao & Tiedao Zhang.



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