2021 Volume-7 Issued-4

This study primarily deals with the ancient Chinese reformer Confucius and his sociopolitical contributions along with political effects on the society and his impact on modernizing of the society. The paper is focusing on the “joint commitments” in Confucius's thought towards the Chinese community. There are different opinions about the personality of Confucius as he was a founder of religion as Prophet. While some scholars considered him as a social reformer and a philosopher or educationist. Confucius’s teachings and ideas developed in the Chinese society. He tried to educate the people on good moral values based on social justice, politeness, equality, and respect for elders. He did not give much emphasis on religion because he considered religion as a tool of self-purity. Many people considered him a founder of the new religion in China during the 5th Century B.C. But after many ups and downs, Confucianism faced decline. The paper explores and highlights a brief analysis of the socio-religious and political role of Confucius and Confucianism after the revolution in Europe and Islam.


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