2019 Volume-5 Issued-4

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Human Harmony: A Fresh Perspective, a New Approach by Sudipta Das, Prevalence of Omphalitis in New Born: A Retrospective Study in St. Gregory Hospital, Budunburam, Ghana by Agunwa Blessing Ifunanya,  Promotion and Utilization of Plantation Grown Timber Species in Ghana: The Kiln Drying Schedule of Khaya Ivorensis by Appiah-Kubi, E & Mensah, M & Tekpetey, S.L & Andoh, E.O & Opuni-Frimpong, E, Research on Spatial Layout of Chengdu Cultural and Creative Industry Cluster Area by Zhiyan Wang & Fengqun Wei, Reconstructed Urban Micro-space Planning Research Based on Place Spirit by Zhaoqian Shi & Fengqun Wei, Explaining the Cold War’s End: From Prospective Gorbachev’s Belief System by Yang Yao, Research on the Optimization of Innovation in Ecological Environment of Small and Micro Enterprises by Guanbing Zhao & Wu Wan & Fei Teng, Critically Compare the Gap Between the Perceptions and Realities of what the Police do by Weijun Sun, Discussion on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance by Xiao Li, A Study on the Application of Task-Based Teaching Method to the Politics Education in Cultural Courses for English Majors: Taking A Survey of English-Speaking Countries as an Example by Xuekun Kang, Design and Practice of Classroom Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Collaborative Cooperation by Xianghong Ju, Teaching Reform and Exploration of Medical Histology Under the Internet Mode by Lihua Pu, The Reform and Innovation of Modern Physics Experiment Teaching by Binzhi Jiang, Application Trend of Data Management in E-sports by Lingtao Chen, Sufferings and Transcendence in Childhood in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Luxin Yin, Efficacy of Double-incision Ultrasonic Emulsification in Combination with Trabeculectomy in the Treatment of Cataract Complicated with Glaucoma and Impacts on Changes of Visual Quality: Ocular Surface and Tear Film in Patients by Jinghui Liu & Jianyang Gong.



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