2016 Volume-2 Issued-4

This issue of the JASS includes many great articles in various disciplines including, Socio-Economic Class and Social Mobility by Allan C. Ornstein, The Value Essences and Teaching Realizing of the Moral Education Curricula for Chinese Graduate Students by Yan Xiaocheng, Human Harmony: A Fresh Perspective, and a New Approach by Sudipta Das, The effect of Individual Case Management Nursing Mode on the Quality of Life, Insight and Treatment Attitude of Patients with Schizophrenia by Zhang Meixia, Prevalence of Omphalitis in New Born: A Retrospective Study in St. Gregory Hospital, Budunburam, and Ghana by Agunwa Blessing Ifunanya, Research on Graduate Students’ English Curriculum Reform: A Case Study on Competency Based Education by Lu Jie, Wu Mengyun, and Ji Minzhuo, A Study of the Constructivism-based Model for Teaching Writing to College English Majors by Zheng Xiangli, Innovation Research on Bilingual Teaching of Accounting Course for MBA Foreign Students in China by Lu Jie, and Xu Miaomiao, On the Functions of English Articles by Xu Yiying, On Instructor’s Roles of English Listening Inquiry Teaching in the New Media Environment by Yao Lizhi, A Study of the Autonomous Learning Model of College English Reading under the MOOC Environment by Zhang Fan, On the Disillusion of American Dream in the Egg from the Perspective of Neo-historicism by Peng Zhongzhe, An Analysis of the Employment Situation of Xinjiang Minority College Students and Emploument Strategies for Improvement by Julaiti Maimaitiming, On the Construction of Public Created Platform of “Worker’s Home” Based on IMS: A case study on University’s trade union in Shaaxi Province by Zhang Ling, Zhang Zhengyue, and Ren Junying, The Postmodern Features of New Age Music: Its Ethereal Beauty and Egalitarian Spirit by Wen Qiaoping, The Utilization of Three Elements of Permanent Exhibition of Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace by Zeng Liuxiang, On the Chinese Private Universities and the Expected Teachers’ Professional Qualities by Chen Jing, and Cong Jianmin, Promotion and Utilization of Plantation Grown Timber Species in Ghana: The Kiln Drying Schedule of Khaya Ivorensis by Appiah-Kubi, E., Mensah, M., Tekpetey, S.L., Andoh, E.O., Opuni-Frimpong, E., Reflection of the Concept of Ecological Civilization on the Construction of New-type Urbanization by He Junxin, and Zeng Shulan.

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